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Monday, June 9, 2008

"Planet Hulk" review

I finally got around to reading the trade of Planet Hulk, a book I'd heard was criminally underrated and better than most recent mediocre comic epics (cough, Civil War and Infinite Crisis, cough). And it's true -- from beginning to end, this is a joy.

Fun, action-packed, smart, and featuring the most likable Hulk I've read in a long time, as well as a great new supporting cast, Planet Hulk was definitely one of the great comics of 2007. It's not entirely original -- "Hulk meets Gladiator" is a pretty accurate description -- but in the end, a story like this works so well, it's a wonder it wasn't made sooner. Kudos to Greg Pak for crafting what is probably the best epic tragedy in Hulk history.

Now to you readers: How was World War Hulk? Is it a worthy sequel?


Mick said...

Planet Hulk was awesome, would be pretty cool if they made it into a CGI film or cartoon.

Only wish was that Caeria (sp?) didn't die, a son of hulk would have been pretty damn cool.

WW Hulk was disappointing, i won't give away any details. I don't want Dan to have a hissy fit, all i'll say is the artwork was lousy and it did not seem long enough. I read the WW Hulk trade but i think there were some other side stories that came out but were not in the trade.

Overall i gave WW Hulk a C+

Daniel Brooks said...

It's funny you mention making it a cartoon -- I was thinking the same thing. It's perfect for it.

Yeah it sucks that she died, but I think it made the story better, in the end. There is a "Son of Skaar" miniseries out right now, which is connected to Planet Hulk, but I don't really know what it's about.

Daniel Brooks said...

P.S. Yeah there are lots of WWH trades (X-Men, etc.) that are collected separate from the main story.

Mick said...

Yea i saw that. I think they should have collected the entire thing in one trade if you ask me!

Go Celts Aschit!