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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Attack of the Sketchbook #2 - Wolverine

Here's a Wolverine I recently did. I used my shiny new Wacom Intuos tablet and Photoshop. I'm still a noob with both these tools, so if anyone has any tips for me I appreciate it. Or if you have any question feel free to post.


Daniel Brooks said...

almost as good as my Solid Snake.

Jennifer said...

that is so awesome!

Mick said...

Wheres the SNIKT?

Chris Bacolo said...

Thanks Jen!

Daniel Brooks said...

Thought might find this interesting. The artist Dapper Dan said this about his drawing/coloring process:

DZ: Your work on the characters starts off as simple pencil work, correct? What application do you polish the “statues” up in?

DS: They all start off as rough pencil sketches. Depending on how comfortable I am with it at that stage I may either clean it up with a 2b pencil or scan it. The next step is to import it to Flash. There I use the line tool to “outline” the designs. After I’ve outlined the character, I’ll start coloring it up. After the colors are laid down, I’ll erase all the lines and I’m left with the finished piece. The idea behind this coloring process is to use color to define shape and volume, instead of black (or colored) lines. After the character is colored, I’ll toss it in Photoshop and add any slight shadows or special f/x. - From an interview with Dan at The ComicBloc.