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Friday, February 1, 2008

Dan Loves Internet Crazes

Since Dan's comedic tastes have degenerated into cutesy baby videos, prop comics, and Blue Collar Comedy bootleg DVDs, it looks like it's up to me to keep things "fresh." Also, I hope this post will be the proverbial sock in the mouth as Dan's new game is figuring out a way to cram more "dude, you should really post something"'s in a single one-hour period. I was thinking about talking about this book Drifting Classroom, a horror manga that my cousin sums up as "a group of kids that just can't seem to catch a break" in that just when you thought enough of them kids had been killed, here comes something else to "spice up the par-tay" (kill more kids). Also, I put it to you (the eastern blogosphere) to comment on my Top 10 Best Movies Involving Things That Go Into People's Mouths. Here we go:
1) Alien
2) Aliens
3) Night of the Creeps
4) The Hidden
5) Slither
6) - 10) You let me know. I ran out of ideas and a Top 5 List is just lazy.