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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Robot Sweatshop's Winter Movie Preview

As we inch ever so much closer to the holiday season, Hollywood is preparing for one of its busier seasons, second only to summer. While the winter/holiday season usually turns out several profitable movies, this year is extremely unique in the fact that it has already produced one of the most highly anticipated movies ever in New Moon. While everyone predicted that the movie would be huge, I am not so sure they anticipated the third highest grossing weekend ever behind only Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3. New Moon also shattered the record for midnight showings, taking in an estimated $26 million, breaking the record set last summer by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($22 million). Take that nerds! If the swirlies you got throughout high school weren't enough, now teenage girls are putting you to shame!

This type of movie being released at this time of year could have a huge effect on the winter movie season. New Moon has a chance to make a run at Dark Knight and Titanic territory in terms of ticket sales and worldwide box office gross. The entire movie biz has known for a while when New Moon would be coming out and as any good business would do, they have prepared for it when they have given their movies release dates. Any big budget movie that has a genre anywhere close to that of New Moon will either push a release date back or move it well ahead to avoid the huge spotlight cast on the Twilight franchise. With all of this reshuffling going on, any possible competition will be no where in sight, meaning that all of these Twilight psychopaths will see New Moon even more times than they would have anyway. My wife is a huge fan (she won't admit she is a nerd, is there a difference between those 2 words) of the Twilight books and despite admitting that the first Twilight movie was complete garbage, she still saw it 3 times, just think what would happen if this movie is watch-able? All I will say is "God help us all".

Update: Since I first wrote this post I went and saw New Moon (Took my Dad to see it for his Birthday). While it was definitely not good, it was much better than the first, werewolves are definitely more interesting than vampires with no fangs that don't bite people.

What kind of movie season are the rest of us in store for you ask? Robot Sweatshop has your guide to some of the other movies coming out this winter that could be worth your ridiculously expensive movie ticket. Most of of what you will read is based off of what I have read or seen on television or the internets, but if any of the Robot Sweatshop team see any of these movies, we will update the post so please check back for this. Feel free to leave your own comments as well about any of these films or ones we missed that are worth seeing.

The Road
Directed by John Hillcoat, starring Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron
Release Date: November 25
Is it safe to say that whatever Viggo Mortensen attaches his name too has a great chance of being good? With the exception of Hidalgo (which I didn't see) everything he has been in since Lord of the Rings began I have throroughly enjoyed. Director John Hillcoat is a relatively unknown directory which for me isn't a red light, but more of a yellow light.

This movie is based off of the novel by Cormac McCarthy, who also wrote No Country for Old Men, which I felt was a great movie despite my feelings about the ending. The story revolves around Mortensen's character and his son traveling by foot across a post-apocalyptic world in search of survivors, preferably those that have not converted to cannibalism, which apparently is the hip new trend. Think Walking Dead minus the zombies. Since us here at Robot Sweatshop can't get sneak preview press passes to film screenings, I have to get my information off of others and the internet, but I can tell you that from what I have heard so far, this is a truly disturbing film.

Expect an update on this movie soon as I will most likely be giving this one a shot.


Ninja Assassin
Directed by James McTeigue, starring no one you ever heard of
Release Date: November 25
There has been plenty of promotion for this movie for about a month before its release and I will say from what I saw it looks pretty cool. When you are going to see a movie called Ninja Assassin I think looks are all that counts right? The movie's plot (like anyone cares) revolves around an orphan ninja named Raizo who is raised by a secret society of bad ass ninjas, but decides to leave the group after they kill his best friend and decides to become a kick ass philanthropist. That's the whole movie. The end.

I'm just kidding, of course he wants revenge, ninja style!

The movie was directed by James McTeigue, who also did V for Vendetta, which I completely hated but still heard from others who really enjoyed it. The Wachowski Brothers, who you might recognize as the dudes who brought us the Matrix trilogy, produced Ninja Assassin so you can expect plenty of great special effects. I am sure there are plenty of people who felt that the Matrix trilogy would have been way better if they cut out all of the horrible acting and just gave us one movie filled with all action. This movie might make these people feel like the Wachowski's were reading their diary.

There will definitely be an update on this movie, if not from me, it will be from my dad who would skip my wedding to see a flick like this.

Update: My dad saw this and said it was one of the bloodiest movies he has ever seen. He absolutely loved it, but he also loved take that however you would like.


The Slammin Salmon
Directed by Kevin Hefferman, starring the dudes from Super Troopers
Release Date: December 11
Since their breakout movie Super Troopers in 2001, the guys of Broken Lizard have gone on to make more of their own movies and also do their own things as well. I have watched several interviews with these guys and the way they create their Broken Lizard movies is truly a collaborative effort with all 5 guys (Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Paul Soter, contributing with the writing. Until this latest movie, Chandrasekhar has handled the directing duties, but for Slammin Salmon, Kevin Hefferman is in the director's chair.

This time around the guys are all working at a restaurant owned by a former heavyweight boxing champ, played by Michael Clarke Duncan. To motivate his poor waiting staff he starts a contest, whoever can get the most tips gets $10,000 dollars, whoever comes in last he will beat the shit out of. The movie seems like another Waiting, which I loved, just a little more over the top. This is a similar situation when they followed up Super Troopers with Club Dread, a spoof on horror films that may have been better received had it not been for the Scary Movie franchise. Had it not been for Waiting, this movie might have more hype. The trailers I have seen so far have not impressed me.

If anyone ends up seeing this please leave a comment and let us know how you liked it, I will most likely be passing on this and counting the days until Super Troopers 2 comes out, which it being developed by Broken Lizard as we speak.


Directed by James Cameron, starring Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver
Release Date: December 18
One of the most anticipated movies to come out this year, James Cameron is back with hopes of totally reinventing special effects like he has done pretty much every time he puts out a new film. It is hard to imagine that the last movie he directed was Titanic but since then he has been mainly churning out documentaries and writing fairly popular televisions series (Dark Angel, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and one movie which was Terminator 3, easily the worst one so far, but that was most likely because he chose not to direct.

Avatar is the story about a group of humans that are brought to a distant planet called Pandora to fight in a war between humans and the inhabitants of this planet. There have been plenty of trailers circulating and they all look amazing, and from what I have read the film was created with an entirely new approach to 3D with Cameron inventing his own cameras to get what we wants out of the film. Avatar at IMAX sounds like it is going to be amazing.

This is easily going to be the biggest movie other than New Moon and will be the only movie to come out between now and its release date that has a shot at finishing number one at the box office. I will not be surprised to see New Moon on top until this film comes out a week before Christmas, which is sad. It is unfortunate that a filmmaker like Cameron cannot get the same hype and attention that this Twilight crap does. He is truly one of the most revolutionary filmmakers we will ever see in our lifetime, if not the biggest.

I will definitely be seeing this in IMAX, I will update this one for sure.


Sherlock Holmes
Directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams
Release Date: December 25
I recently just saw a trailer for this movie and I have to say it did not have much of a Guy Ritchie look to it, it looked more like Van Helsing with Robert Downey Jr. instead of Hugh Jackman. I am not surprised however seeing that it's a big budget action movie with plenty of star power and there is probably a hope that this will turn into another huge franchise for Robert Downey Jr. Guy Rithie is probably giving them just another big name rather than a big contribution artistically.

As you already know, the Sherlock Holmes story involves a detective of the same name and his partner Watson who solve mysteries while acting all British-like, tea, crumpets and all the jazz. The trailer included plenty of explosions and action, I am sure the intention is to take the story and reinvent it for the 21st Century but still give it the old timey look, exactly what they did with Van Helsing. We all remember how that movie turned out right? You can probably expect the same, but maybe Downey and Jude can carry it. We'll just have to wait and see, I mean you will have to wait and see, I will not be seeing this.


The Wolfman
Directed by Joe Johnston, starring Benicio Del Toro, Sir Anthony Hopkins
Release Date: February 12
There has been plenty of information circulating about about this movie over the internet, unfortunately it has more about its ever changing release date and not about the actual movie itself. It was originally supposed to be released in the spring of 2009 and it was then pushed back to February 2010. As for the reasons for this pushback is unknown, it could be for reshoots, which is never good, or maybe Universal, who is distributing the film, felt releasing a horror film of this magnitude would be better suited for Valentines day. Apparrently horror movies are pretty popular on this holiday, I'm not kidding.

The story is based off of the classic tale of a dude turning into a werewolf when the moon is full, Benicio Del Toro plays the dude and Mac Tonight plays the moon, not sure anyone will get that joke. From the few trailers I have seen there is plenty of action and CGI special effects, which for most werewolf movies might be a bad thing. I think the true fans wish that thing's could go back to when actors and actresses had to spend 3 days getting their makeup put on before they would do a scene. While I don't see this happening ever again, it would be nice to meet somewhere in the middle, similar to what Guillermo Del Toro has done with his Hellboy movies. Hopefully for everyone's sake The Wolfman will try to accomplish this as well. We will have to wait and see.

An update on this will probably be coming as I am looking forward to seeing this one.


The best of the rest:

Shutter Island
Directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo
Release Date: February 19
Scorcese's first film since winning the Oscar for The Departed, expect another nomination.


Alice in Wonderland
Directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp
Release Date: March 5
Tim Burton teaming up with Johnny Depp, why haven't these guys teamed up before? Oh wait


Clash of the Titans
Directed by Louis Leterrier, starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes
Release Date: March 26
Another huge movie starring Sam Worthington. Has anyone ever burst onto the scene like this with 3 100 mil plus blockbusters in less than a year with really no previously well known films? Crazy.


Hot Tub Time Machine
Directed by Steve Pink, starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry)
Release Date: March 26
Yes you read this movie title right, look up the trailer, there is no need to explain it, the title explains everything and is all I need to see.

Trailer (Restricted so look out for a few curse words!):

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 34: To Catch a Podcaster


A new episode of the world-famous podcast, Robot Sweatshop, featuring:

- a new cast member
- Walking Dead talk
- videogame talk
- weird tangents (thanks, Mike!)


*This is a Skypecast, so the sound quality is so-so. But enjoyable nonetheless!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 33: An Interview With Ben Morse of Marvel


Hello, Internet! Boy, do I have a podcast for you.

In this very exciting episode of Robot Sweatshop, Dan talks one-on-one with Ben Morse -- formerly of Wizard, and current Assistant Editor of -- about Ben's first-ever published comics work in the new MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR, current goings-on at, and tons more. A must listen. Do it to it.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 32: Halloween Spooktacular 2009


Hello, Robot Sweatshoppers! Welcome to our Halloween Spooktacular 2009, filled with talk about SCARY STUFF, from comics to movies. Give it a listen...if you dare!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robot Sweatshop's Guide to Finding the Ultimate Halloween Costume!

What's up, loyal Robot Sweatshopaholics! We are coming up on the last week of October and the most popular question running through many people's minds is....

"What the @#$% am I going to be for Halloween?"

Here are some rules to follow when you use your noodle to come up with the perfect costume:

1. If you are happy with it, screw what other people think.
In a world full of opinions, the most important one is your own. Do not to worry about how your costume will be perceived by everyone who will sees it. If you are passionate about a particular movie, comic book, video game or music group then by all means use it as an idea. If you love the movie Timecop, go get that pompadour/mullet wig; if you are a big fan of the comic Silver Surfer, go get that silver bodysuit and genital stuffing; and if you are obsessed with the band Limp Biscuit, you are not allowed anywhere near me on Halloween.

2. Going random is good, but try to be aware of where the line is.
Being unique is definitely appreciated on Halloween, but you also run the risk of looking like a complete goon. You shouldn't expect everyone to know what you are trying to be, but you should be able to explain it and get a few "Oh yeah!" responses throughout the night. If you tell someone who you are supposed to be and you get an "O......K" reaction, you may have tried too hard to stand out.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about:
Good: The blue dude from Watchmen who shows his dong the whole movie (Dong optional).
Bad: The dude from the shitty Wolverine movie that is in the Black Eyed Peas. Who the f was that anyway?

Good: Any guitarist or lead singer from any popular band.
Bad: Any bassist that has ever lived with the exception of Flea, Les Claypool and Lemmy. (And Paul McCartney. -- Dan)

3. Go big or go home...or just stay home and pass out candy to kids.
If you aren't into Halloween and you just go with the plainest thing you can think will come across like a lame-o or Halloween version of Scrooge. Not wanting to dress up and wear something fun is like not wanting presents on Christmas, not wanting turkey on Thanksgiving, or not wanting your parents to draw fake bunny tracks on your front walkway on Easter. (Is my buddy Greg's parents the only ones who did that?) What I am trying to get at is you should just stay home with that kind of attitude and pass out candy to the next generation of Halloween lovers. Look at it as your penalty for being such a buzzkill. You boring jerk.

4. Popular culture is always a good idea as long as you remember to keep it POPULAR.
There are plenty of stories in the news that you can use as inspiration to put together a costume, but you need to make sure people will remember what the story is. I would avoid going back more than 2-3 months when thinking of your idea. I am sure we will see plenty of balloon boys out on Halloween; hopefully we will not see too many Octo-moms.

5. Buying a costume at a Halloween store. Ugh.*
Like every holiday, there is plenty of money to be made by commercializing the celebration. There are plenty of party stores out there that for one month each year sell pre-made costumes to those who are too lazy to put in some actual effort. Occasionally you can strike gold going with this option, but the odds of seeing someone else with the same costume you thought was awesome is pretty high. Most of the costumes are so boring they are the equivalent of you wearing a sign that says “What's the point?". I would also like to add that if I see one more couple dressed up as a plug and a socket I will double-clothesline them.
* I have only one reason to ever go to a Halloween store and it is only if you absolutely cannot think of any solid ideas, which leads to my next tip.

6. When all else fails, you can always take an overdone idea and turn it on its ass.
I understand it's not always easy to find the perfect idea, especially if you wait until the last minute. So if you are scrapped for time, go to one of these Halloween stores, buy something you’ve seen before and add some kind of comedic element to it. For example adding a zombie element to any costume idea gives it instant credibility, like a celebrity you hate with a passion. What better way to say you wish someone were dead than to go out as them for Halloween, only in zombie form?

Zombie Spencer Pratt? Cha-ching!
Zombie Britney Spears for the ladies? Jackpot!
Zombie Patrick Swayze? What’s wrong with you? Too soon!

7. Comfort is key.
Halloween usually involves drinking, dancing, and the occasional 5 minute breather. You want to be able to accomplish these feats without your own costume getting in the way. As fun as it would be to make your own Optimus Prime costume, you are not that talented to make it work, and drinks will be spilled. Do not sacrifice your own comfort to try and stand out; there are plenty of ways to make a costume that will allow you to pull off the sickest of dance moves.

8. Hatred can also inspire greatness.
It does not always have to be movies you love; despising a movie to the point where the only thing that can come out of your mouth is laughter is a great way to create a costume. Seems like everyone these days won't shut up about this Twilight movie. I'll admit it, I saw that piece of shit and while I would love to go on about how awful it was, instead I will tell you that creating a costume to look like the douche-bag lead actor would be hilarious and pretty easy to accomplish.

9. Play-on-words costumes, while not my style, if done right can be GREAT SUCCESS!
Being as immature as a 29-year-old can be, I have heard it all when it comes to dirty words and phrases, and if you can translate this into your Halloween outfit, then you have my blessing.This task will require you to most likely explain your costume often because people love to ask you "What the hell are you supposed to be?”. If you have the patience for the possible dull reaction some people will give you, then you are the right person to take a shot at pulling this off. Some examples of dirty phrases I am referring to are the following:

Dirty Sanchez
Donkey Punch
Abe Lincoln (Don't ask)
Cincinnati Bowtie
Tony Danza

10. Anything involving a mustache, real or fake, is the tits.
That sentence is pretty self-explanatory; I do not need to say anymore.

Good luck this year, if you would like your awesome costume recognized, send a picture to and we will put it up on the site!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mike, Frank, and Family Fun (the band) on Morning Court TV Show

A rift when Mike McGillicuddy intelligently and thoughtfully invests the band's money with respected talent mogul/record producer Frank from Weehawken CEO/CFO/CMO of Dream Factory Records... Paul, being the short-fused pennypincher that he is, cannot put faith in Mike's huge caring heart or Mike's brilliant forward-thinking/initiative and decides to air out his grievances on a morning court TV show rather than solve them live civilized adults... Sparks fly as Paul reveals his true feelings about Mike McGillicuddy. Frank from Weehawken gives expert testimony - an expert on experts! See Doob make looming sexy!

Family Fun also has a new EP coming out on Dream Factory Records - check local listings for exclusive resellers!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 31: Live From Outer Space, Brooklyn


And we're back! Again! Lovable scamps Dan (who sounds like he's calling in from a space station), Mike and Frank (who sounds like he's calling in from the bottom of a well) discuss the making of their appearance on STREET COURT, as well as Beatles Rock Band, Beatles remasters, and lots more. Another great one!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 30: Hello Jude

In this installment of Robot Sweatshop: Dan, Chris and Frank talk RiffTrax live, DC's recent and upcoming animated flicks, the new PS3, The Beatles: Rock Band and lots more. Plus, we record on Dan's new kitchen table, which forces him to hunch like Larry King! Dig it!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Episode Coming, Swearsies

Oh, howdy. Didn't see ya shufflin' up the walkway there.

Ok enough, I'm even annoying myself with that. Anyways, we have a new episode of RS -- a panel show! -- recorded and ready to go, but I'm having big time issues with my computer and have not been able to get it up onto the internetssss.

But it will be up this week. Promise. In the meantime, why not check out something from the archives?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 29: Yellow Hat Guy Exclusive Interview

After a brief break, we're back with a huge new episode: a one-on-one, exclusive interview with the controversial Yellow Hat Guy. This is a must listen for those wanting to learn more about the man and his infamous encounter with comics creator Rob Liefeld.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009 Interview with Tom Scharpling

Hello all! I'm very proud to present part 1 of my two-part interview with Tom Scharpling -- an executive producer and writer for "Monk," as well as host of the awesome "Best Show" on WFMU -- for This was a real honor for me and Tom was the greatest. I'll post a link for part 2 when it goes live. Enjoy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Moly!

This is awesome, awesome news. I will tell it to you in one sentence below:

Ridley Scott is set to direct an Alien prequel.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 28: The Dan Show Part 2 With Live Calls!


In a brand new episode of The Dan Show -- streamed live over the internetssss! -- Dan talks "The Shield," "The Goon," "Ghostbusters," and best of all, takes live calls from listeners, including the owner of the famous Brooklyn comic book shop, Bags & Boards. A great show!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 27: The Dan Show


A brand new episode of Robot Sweatshop featuring just Dan! This is Robot Sweatshop as you've never heard it: Listen as Dan discusses Paul McCartney live at Citi Field, a new form of pan-handling he saw on the NYC subway, talks Batman and Robin and Wednesday Comics, RiffTrax Live, AND takes some phone calls. A must listen -- AGAIN!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We're Still Alive

Hey folks -- I know it's been quite 'round these parts but I wanted to let you know we're still alive. Sure, I've had to institute a 3-day GChat ban on Frank to teach him a lesson on how it's wrong to be mean to friends, but that's besides the point. We will return with a new (special) episode on Friday morning!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bambi meets Godzilla

Wait for it...

Special thanks to a Poly Sci prof at UNC!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ryan Reynolds IS Green Lantern

As has been reported everywhere, Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Green Lantern in the upcoming flick. While it's a little...odd...that the dude who played Deadpool is now going to be playing GL, I think this is a pretty good choice. He definitely looks the part; my only hope is that Reynolds dampens his trademark wise-ass-ness, as that's not what Hal is really like.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 26: Say Say Say "Transformers 2" Sucked


The grand Skype experiment continues! Only this time it's coherent! Join Dan, Mike, Chris and occasionally Frank as we discuss Transformers 2, X-Men Forever, Michael Jackson, and lots more. A MUST LISTEN. And remember: iTunes reviews, please!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 5 Games To Watch Other People Play

In the interest of stirring things up, what games are the most fun to watch other people play?

Back in the day, nothing frustrated me more then watching other people play videogames. I thought such strong feelings would subside with age but alas, no. Now I'm frustrated watching other people play pool, eat, fill out forms, wait in line, type, and yet I actually can sit on a couch now and watch someone else play COD4 or Little Big Planet for about an hour (until I reign blows upon them, take the controller, and finish the game with 100% superhuman accuracy with which they have never seen).

And nowadays there's a whole line of programs totally dedicated to streaming videogames live. Livestream is one. Who knew? What a majestic time to be alive. Here's my top 5 list at the moment. Fight me on it. I dare you.

1. COD4 - Any multiplayer for that matter. Even Mariokart. But the more grenades and childish name-calling, the better.

2. Street Fighter 2 - Obvious. Should this be #1?

3. River Raid - Watching other people play this infuriates me, but in the way old people complain about kids with facial piercings. They don't like it but without them they'd have nothing to complain about.

4. Wii Sports

5. Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Wonder! Merriment! Flutes!

What say you, Internet? Have you a voice?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 25: Violence in Comics and Other Fun Stuff

Another brand new episode of Robot Sweatshop! The main topic of discussion in this installment is Violence in Comics, but there's also lots of talk on Futurama, Movies That Make Us Cry, Batman and Robin #1, and tons more. So give a listen, subscribe at iTunes, and leave us an iTunes review. We'll be your friend forever. Swearsies.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hands Across The Water, Heads Across the Sky

While perusing YouTube for Paul McCartney and Beatles clips some time ago, I discovered a dude who goes by the name of PENNYWHO: a Japanese musician who can seemingly play everything Paul and Beatles related. You can tell from his charming performances -- which usually feature one or more of his kids scampering around or singing along -- that he really loves this music. Here's his rendition of the great "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" from the colossal Ram album:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Robert Crenshaw Reviews His Brother Marshall's New Record

One of my favorite musicians on the planet, Marshall Crenshaw, just came out with a new album called "Jaggedland." I hadn't gotten around to picking it up, but just placed my order with Amazon after reading a review written on Marshall's message boards by his brother, Robert. Robert is a fantastic drummer who played on many of Marshall's best albums; he didn't play on "Jaggedland," but the guy who did ain't half bad either -- Traveling Wilburys drummer Jim Keltner. Here were Robert's thoughts:

I have a very complicated relationship with Marshall's records. For that matter, I have a very complicated relationship with my brother Marshall.
When we were kids we used to play in our basement sometimes. When we got older and he started writing songs, occasionally I would played on his demos. Those are memories and experiences I will forever treasure as times we shared being creative together.
When I was 17 and still in High School, I had a gig where I could play at night, sleep in my own bed, and make as much money as a line worker at GM. Marshall was working on the road and really having to work a lot harder for much less.
When I think of bringing Marshall (MC) as an offering to an Oldies band, it's kind of like bringing a wheelbarrow full of diamonds to a small business. It was pretty hard for people to even grasp what they had, but they did understand, it was something very special.
Some of you know that we ended up doing lots of stuff together for a decade of so. When we made records, we tried to have fun and make records that reflected the image that MC had in his mind for the song.
As an artist (and I know many of you are artists), you start out with the raw materials of the piece, but once you start the process, the journey has its own environmental considerations that can (and sometimes magically) shape the outcome dramatically.
Talking to MC, I know he had literally a wonderful time making this record. It was a real life experience with all of the twists and turns, joy and sorrow you’d expect from a high risk, potentially lucrative endeavor.
When I hear MCs voice on this record, I know that he was being as true to his Art as a person can be.
It's like if you went to someone's house for dinner and they baked the bread, served you vegetables from their garden, and hand- made all of the furniture in the room; all with the help of the most world renowned crafts persons and chefs they could engage.
The beauty of a well crafted song is that it reflects a shared human experience in a way that pulls you in, but it makes you ponder the experience in a way that adds depth to the reflection.
I think this writing is honest and clever. This is not music for people who think or wish that life is a linear path. This is Art with dissonance and release, this is Art that reflects the simple joys and life, but understands as well the fruits of life’s sorrows.
Jaggedland is the product of a real life complicated person, making a substantive effort to bring something worthwhile to fruition.
I’ve spent a lot of time driving long distances this week, and it has afforded me the luxury of listening to a lot of music while traveling long stretches of Interstate Highway.
I love the new record, and I enjoy taking in the nuance of the lyric as well as breathing in the sophisticated yet accessible auditory cornucopia. ( I apologize for the wine-like description)
It reminds me how much I love records and music. And it reminds me how much I love that complicated, talented person who is my brother Marshall. For anyone who has complicated loving feelings for their brother and sisters, you know that in itself is like a wheelbarrow full of diamonds.

Spew into this: 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 Seconds

Just made my Friday... Any favorites missing? I thought "inconceivable" from Princess Bride would definitely be on there...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 24a: Stars & Skype

Another episode from those lovable scamps who are too lazy to travel out to Kensington, Brooklyn. Or as Frank thought it was called, “Netherlands, Brooklyn.”

Please note: We tried doing this one over Skype and rather than edit it all, we purposely went for a Waholian approach and left it all in for all those flies on the wall. Download it now because it will probably end up on the Robot Sweatshop chopping block/atom smasher in a week or so when we realize how jury-rigged it all is. Special appearance by Road Rally Ali.

Discussed: Mike’s lack of age, Dan’s wedding, Frank’s weekend - excited yet? Then some small pondering on Terminator:Salvation, Let The Right One In, Great Adventure, Indian caste system, Wolverine, Star Trek, and plenty of false endings. But mostly, it’s a fun mess of a show.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next Podcast Topic: Movie "Huhs?"

When I heard about this months ago I thought it was a joke. It just got a whole lot funnier. What's that in the air? I SMELL OSCAR!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 24: I Don't Have to Do Anything

And we're back! Dan, Mike and Frank talk All Hail Megatron, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (spoiler-free!), and Movies (Mostly Bad) We Want to Own on Blu-ray. Plus, we have details on a new contest. It's a must listen, if I say so myself. And I say so!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Podcast Update: Where the Hell Have We Been?

So as you might've noticed, we haven't had a new episode in a couple of weeks. This is mainly due to scheduling conflicts and one panelist's drug problems. But I won't mention any names. Anyway, fear not: we will have a new episode later this week and DEFINITELY next Monday. Good day to you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009 Article: Wolverine Costume Guide

Excited about that new Wolverine flick coming out? Well, has a ton of great Wolverine content these days, including my (shameless plug) new article: a guide to many of Wolverine's costumes over the years. It's a fun, informative read, methinks. I hope you like it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 23: Biggest Show Ever

Hello, faithful listeners. As can be seen by the title of this episode, this is a huge one. The awesome Ali Aron and Caroline Carr make their Robot Sweatshop debuts. The topic is our best ever: Movie Flops We Love (or "Flops to Love," as we ended up calling it), featuring talk about Ghostbusters 2, Clifford, and tons more. Plus, some comic book discussion as usual. This is a great episode to jump onboard. Tell everyone you know, enemies included!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Here Comes the Sun...


I just can't wait to get on my bike and ride!

I have no idea what happened to The Snugs. I felt it was mildly appropriate to post one of their songs as it's the Snuggie Pub Crawl in NYC and Chicago today. If you know the whereabouts of this band, please let me know.

In any case, I'm cranking this up and getting ready for a good weekend.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be My Cellmate: Phil Spector is Going to Jail

The brilliant/insane Phil Spector was found guilty of second degree murder today and is facing 15 years-to-life. According to Rolling Stone:

The jury hearing Phil Spector’s murder retrial found the music producer guilty today of charges of second-degree murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson. Clarkson died of a gunshot wound at Spector’s Los Angeles mansion in February 2003 under dubious circumstances. Spector’s first trial began in April 2007 and concluded in September 2007 when the jury failed to reach a verdict. Deliberations for Spector’s second murder trial stretched 32 hours over nine days. The 69-year-old Spector faces a minimum of 18 years of prison; he’ll be sentenced on May 29th.

It's really pretty sad that someone died because of this guy's nutbar tendencies, but thankfully, the LA legal system finally came through for something.

Go home tonight, put on "Let It Be...Naked" and stick it to this guy. But just for tonight -- then you can go back to listening to all his amazing work with the Ronettes, Darlene Love, John Lennon, Dion, etc.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heart Breaking News: No New Podcast This Week

That's right. Sorry people, but since some of us here at Robot Sweatshop celebrate Passover, some of us celebrate Easter, and a couple of us celebrate both, we could not get together for a new episode this week. Check back on Monday for Episode 23. And Happy Easter Monday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Get back, Jojo. Go home

A buddy of mine in Toronto decided to brighten my Friday with this number. I'm normally not a fan of anyone touching the Beatles, but I find this to be done quite well. One of my favorite Beatles songs (Get Back) mixed with LCD Soundsystem (Daft Punk is Playing at My House) & the Kinks (You Really Got Me). !!!!!!

Happy Friday, and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 22: A Spicy Meat-a-ball!

This is a very exciting episode of Robot Sweatshop: we welcome new panelist Frank Caratozzolo (from the internet's Best Game Ever), discuss vintage game systems, Street Fighter 4 (yet again), Hulk Vs., and Scrabble.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Episode 22 Update

According to the Libsyn gods, we've overrun our allotted server space since the relaunch, which is why I could not upload today's podcast. But the good news is that the server space will be reset and cleaned up on Wednesday, so look for the new episode on Wednesday morning.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Two of Us: Paul & Ringo!

Only the most cynical would find something to complain about here, but for those of us who still really love the Beatles, what happened Saturday night was pretty exciting: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited at David Lynch's “Change Begins Within,” a benefit to bring transcendental meditation to troubled public schools. While they each had their own sets and only played three songs together at the show's end -- "With A Little Help From My Friends," Paul's 1968 ode to TM, "Cosmically Conscious," and "I Saw Her Standing There" -- it sounds like it was an amazing show.

Day 1 purchase on DVD!

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 22: Coming Tomorrow (Hopefully)

Hey all,

Thanks to some technical @#$%ing difficulties this morning, I could not post the new podcast episode to the internetsssssss. But I assure you, it is recorded, and hopefully I can figure out what's going on with this here thing tonight and make it available for your listening pleasure tomorrow morning.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

FREE MANGA!!! (The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service)

In a confined, shared living environment, there comes a point when you have to choose between beloved comics as "only a few" can hold their own on the shared bookshelf. I also confess to purchasing copious amounts of comics. I've decided today, dear readers, to generously (yet, slowly) start gifting them to the public, should you be so interested.

Today's present hails from the land of Japan, a Dark Horse translated version of 黒鷺死体宅配便 (Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin) or The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. It's written by one of the coolest writers...Eiji Otsuka (Maho no Rouge Lipstick, MPD Psycho) . He graduated with degrees in anthropology, women's folklore, human sacrifice and post-war manga. !!!! Housui Yamazaki (Mail) is the illustrator - and, not going to lie, he has made some of the creepiest drawings I've ever seen.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, it's a horror comic that follows five university students running a company to fulfill the final wishes of the dead (and figure out what to do with their bodies)... BUT their determination to find out the desires of the dead often turn into Scooby-Doo-like adventures. Hey nowwwww.

So even if you haven't read earlier volumes, you can pick up the idea pretty quickly. Volume 8 follows the group as they undercover a group advertising meikonshiki (an ancient, hillbilly afterlife marriage ceremony!!!!!) to wealthy families of the deceased who want their loved ones to live happily "ever after". In true manga fashion, most of the ugly dead are married to well-endowed, beautiful naifs. In order for the marriage to be consecrated, the innocents must be drawn into a marriage image (think wedding photo). This drawing curses them to be haunted, and eventually killed by their undead bethrothed! Of course one of the Scooby gang is drawn into a marriage, and all hell breaks loose!

The book also contains a section called "Disjecta Membra: Sound FX Glossary and notes on Kurosagi V.8 by Toshifumi Yoshida." At first I thought this was some "Manga for beginngers" by Dark Horse, but it actually is pretty funny and informative.

Anyway, let us know if you would like me to ship it (S&H free!) to you. Although I've read it - I don't break bindings. It's pretty much brand new.

FIRST PERSON to email us at

gets it. Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 21: The Pop Culture Gauntlet

In this new episode of Robot Sweatshop, Dan and Chris discuss pretty much all things pop culture: music (The Gaslight Anthem, The Killers), video games (OnLive, Street Fighter 4, Pikmin for Wii), TV (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic), and comics (Batman: Battle for the Cowl). If it's nerdy and niche, we talk about it here!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

No More Consoles?

Recently unveiled at the Game Developers Conference, OnLive may actually have what it takes to end the console war forever behind a unified games delivery system. What exactly is OnLive? According to Newsarama:

First, the basics of OnLive have been laid out this week at the Game Developer’s Conference, and it initially looks like a too-good-to-be-true model. The service works either through your computer or your TV. If you’re on your computer (Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista), you’ll simply download a very small client browser plugin, use a mouse/keyboard, generic USB controller, or their proprietary wireless controllers (which look suspiciously like Xbox 360 controllers), and access any game from the OnLive library through the client. No advanced graphics card is needed, very little ram and processing speed is used on your own computer. All the heavy lifting is done through cloud computing on OnLive’s server farm.

That means if you have a MacBook, a high end Alienware desktop, or a $200 Dell, you can play the latest games in all their glory. This possibility is especially enticing to oft-plagued Mac gamers, who will be able to play new releases day-and-date with their PC counterparts.

The TV option requires OnLive’s “MicroConsole”, slightly larger than a USB hub, which then plugs into your TV via HDMI. It can also take keyboard, mouse, and generic USB controllers (two wired), or support four wireless controllers and wireless headsets simultaneously. Plug in to your router via the Ethernet port, and the same simple grid interface you access on your computer can be brought up on your TV.

So that’s it, with a downloaded plugin, or a device easy to plug in, you have access to any of the games on OnLive’s service. There’s nothing else to download or install, as the games run entirely on OnLive’s servers, and even in the current internal beta, games like HAWX and Prince of Persia (the December, 2008 release) are taking less than ten seconds to launch.

I'm amazed to say it, but this might actually work. Ease of use, low price, and games are all integral to success in the videogames industry, and OnLive has them all. My guess is that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have to be worried about this. It just makes too much sense.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 20: The Stephen Zisner Interview

In this episode of Robot Sweatshop, Dan interviews famous comics blogger Stephen Zisner about his blog, reviewing comics, and the brilliance of Uncanny X-Men #282.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Revenge Movies A-Go-Go!

With the unfortunate Last House On The Left remake hitting theaters like a flu it's given me time to pause and ponder about my favorite revenge movies that have fostered my own insatiable bloodlust and seething need for justice. Some you might recognize as classics but there a few down there that fly off the average Amazon listmaker's radar. Enjoy and watch your back.

Death Wish - In the flagship installment of justice-dealing Paul Kersey, Bronson birthed the term "bronsoning," which meant to punish mercilessly, and then say some 1-3 words. NYC crime-weary audiences cheered for Bronson wiping out goon after goon, and then art imitated life when nerd-turned-vigilante Bernie Goetz shot four men allegedly in self-defense, leaving one paraplegic. Bronson himself had to tell audiences not to take the law into their own hands. Too bad I didn't hear him! (sawing off shotgun)...

The Vengeance Trilogy: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - On the RS podcast I claimed Oldboy had some of the best first 40 minutes of a movie I had ever seen, and I still stand by it. Upon seeing Oldboy I had to chew gum not to crack a molar. SMV and SLV are terrific in their own rite but Oldboy truly distills the essence of vengeance as one person versus the world, less a human and more an unstoppable force, that is, until the end of the film, when there's more twists than a barrel of pretzels.

Dead Man's Shoes - Directed by Shaun Meadows (also director of the flawless This Is England), this film made a surprising entry into the revenge canon. Paddy Considine gives a ridiculously convincing performance as ex-soldier Richard who returns to his sleepy town to unflinchingly reprimand the baddies who tormented his mentally disabled brother Anthony. What ensues is a gripping slow-boiling quest for merciless revenge - easily one of my favorite flavors of revenge (right next to fire and brimstone from above).

I Spit On Your Grave - This movie is just so hard to watch that I have to recommend it just as a reference point. There's just something so terrible about this film, the use of rape, the subsequent murders of said rapists. Sure, it's bad 70s grindhouse b-movie schlock at its worst, but still, it's like watching 45 car accidents for 90 minutes (and the cars were driven by awful, awful people). And while we're at it, let's throw Ms. 45 and Thriller - A Cruel Picture in here - it's the same stuff, equally grimy and just not fun to watch with people you care about. Play Super Mario Bros. 2 instead.

Clifford - Now I have seen my share of creepy revenge movies, and there's just something so much more sinister about Martin Short playing a ten-year-old in the first place that shoots it right up the list. While the crime "perpetrated" against this little bastard is small: his architect uncle, expertly played by Charles Grodin, can't take him to Dinosaur World (which he designed) because he has to redesign the LA metro system (a clever ploy by boss Dabney Coleman to get closer to Grodin's li'l lady Mary Steenburgen), nothing downplays the eeriness of Martin Short pretending to be a child. In fact, the combination of shapes created by Martin Short's body will cause bats to fly into your house and crash into your television. Just imagine giving Martin Short a gun in this movie and you'd have the creepiest revenge movie ever made. I'd like to think there's a final scene in the director's cut with Martin Short emerging from a crypt, his mouth covered in blood, saying "more flesh..." I have a lot to say about Clifford. It truly is for lovers.

Once Upon A Time In The West - Westerns make for awesome revenge movies. I think because everyone carried a gun back then and all it took for a bloody firefight was an extra ace on the table, a hat not tipped to a lady, a table flipped over, or someone's horse groped. OUATITW is no exception: Henry Fonda plays a black-hatted bad guy for a change (western law: black hat = bad man), and Charles Bronson makes another appearance on this list as the man of few words Harmonica (such a better name than Slide-Whistle). Sergio Leone must have been paid by the squib because he cooked up a sanguinary six-gun stew with thirty sides of buckshot and boy, am I famished. This movie delivers on all fronts: Perfect casting, a great story, and some of the best western devices ever used. Also great: Hang 'Em High, The Searchers, Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia. What say you, Bobby Internet?

Revenge Of The Nerds - Clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands. We're Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu. We come here on stage tonight to do our show for you. We got a rockin' rhythm and a hi-tech sound that'll make you move your body down to the ground. We got Poindexter on the violin, and Lewis and Gilbert will be joining in. We got Booger Presley on the mean guitar and a rap by little ol' me Lamar. We got Takashi beating on his gong, the boys and the Mu's are clapping along. And just when you thought, ya seen it all, along comes a Lambda four foot tall. So Wormser come on out here on the floor, so we can move our bodies, like never before. Break!

The Limey: Terrence Stamp dishing out swift Cockney justice? Luis Guzmán as the sidekick? Shit yeah. This Steven Soderbergh-directed revenge pic goes down smooth at a mere 89 minutes but it packs a wallop. It's a retribution amusement park ride where every five minutes you're asking yourself something like "Did Terrence Stamp just throw some jerk off a roof?" and "Did Terrence Stamp just ice three dudes in a warehouse?" The answer to both questions: a resounding and gratifying "yes."

And of course there's the popular others: Sleepers, Count of Monte Cristo, Carrie, Kill Bill I & II, Mad Max and Payback (starring everyone's favorite anti-Semite/weirdo Mel Gibson, and as much as I'd love to leave him off the list for already being on another list of mine (Top 10 Biggest Jerkoffs), someone will inevitably ask why these films were left off the list), and The FIRST Punisher (that's right I'll stake my film cred on it right now, lose it, and get me some of that bailout money!)

And a bonus! Roger Ebert's 1994 Review of Clifford-

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show O' The Eve... Naughty By Nature (NXN) In Brooklyn

While there are few songs from the early '90... meh, eff this- there are ONLY songs from the early 90s I like, and everything else is fodder for car commercials. So in between my rambunctious vocal stylings of Technotronic, CeCe Peniston, and Snap I sometimes like to give the one-man-party a thick delicious coat of Naughty By Nature - maybe O.P.P., maybe Ghetto Bastard, maybe Feel Me Flow, maybe even a little Uptown Anthem for good measure. Sure, it could be raining pretty hard, you're late for work, and you're sandwiched on the B67 bus next to an elderly woman playing Handheld Tiger Electronic Football and a guy that smells like a hot dog wearing a dogshit wedding dress, but Naughty By Nature is sure to liven up the morning spirits. Moreover Naughty By Nature is one of the only hip-hop acts that achieved massive mainstream success without defaulting on their street-cred. Also, these guys trumped Sid Vicious by wearing an even bigger lock around their necks- no luggage lock for these East Orange MCs, but a masterlock, the kind you'd lock your toolshed with so meth addicts wouldn't steal your belt sander.

They're playing at Southpaw in Brooklyn and it's a Women-In-Prison benefit though it probably will have very little to do with the movie Canned Heat. Have fun anyway!

8 pm doors/9 pm show

First Images from "The Goon" Animated Movie

Geeks of Doom has posted pics from the upcoming Goon animated movie, a.k.a. The Best Movie of All Time. It looks as if they're staying very true to the comic and Eric Powell's art. Man, these whet my appetite something fierce:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Interview with Tom DeFalco

In shameless-self-plugging department, I recently interviewed the great Tom DeFalco, creator of Spider-Girl and former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, for Check it out here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 19: Street Fighter 4, Green Lantern, and Chris Has a Meltdown

In this episode of Robot Sweatshop, join Dan and Chris as they discuss Street Fighter 4, Green Lantern comics, All Star Superman and Batman RIP.

But be sure to stick around until the very end. (See the title of this episode.)

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 18: The Barry Ludtnik Interview

In this special Friday edition of Robot Sweatshop, Dan gives a one-on-one interview with forgotten comics legend Barry Ludtnik. Ludtnik tells the story behind the creation of some of his better known characters, his pitch for Superman, his time with other comic greats, including Will Eisner, Stan Lee, and more.

Be sure to tune back in Monday for yet another new episode. ROBOT SWEATSHOP IS BACK!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grant Morrison on "Batman and Robin"

In an update to yesterday's story, it has indeed been confirmed that Grant Morrison is writing the upcoming Batman and Robin, with long-time collaborator Frank Quitely handling the pencils. IGN caught up with Morrison and picked up some details on the story, including the fact that this Batman is not Bruce Wayne, and this Robin is not Time Drake. My guess: Dick Grayson is Batman, and brat-child Damien is Robin. Anyways:

IGN Comics: The most obvious question is perhaps the most routine – what can you tell us about your plans for the new Batman & Robin series? How would you describe the tone and feel of the book compared to your previous Batman arcs like "Batman & Son" or "R.I.P"?

Grant Morrison: 'Batman and Robin', which opens with the 3-part 'Batman Reborn' arc, is maybe more poppy, and more colourful, but it's also creepier. It's like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show. The story arcs are 4 short 3-part 'events', which combine to tell a longer, 12 part mystery.

IGN Comics: With the June relaunch of the Batman franchise comes a new Batman and a new Robin. DC will kill us for revealing their identities, but can you describe, as much as you can, the new relationship/chemistry between this Batman and Robin and how it would relate to previous Dynamic Duos?

Morrison: It's much more…contentious. This is a very different Batman and Robin team from any that we've seen before. It's almost a reverse of the traditional dynamic, with a more light-hearted and spontaneous Batman and a scowling, badass Robin. Expect fireworks and violence.

IGN Comics: We've chatted at length with you in the past about your plans for Batman and how you view your work on the series as a long novel. Despite this being a new series, do you view this as a direct continuation of the previous work or would you consider this the beginning of a new novel?

Morrison: This is the next book in what will be a 5-volume series beginning 'Batman & Son' but it can be read on its own too. 'Batman and Robin' welcomes new readers!

IGN Comics: Do you consider Batman & Robin, despite featuring new people under the mask, yet another lens on the life of Bruce Wayne?

Morrison: No, this isn't about Bruce Wayne at all, except in as much as it deals with his absence.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"The Expendables... WHAT?"

My eyes popped out of my head today (sorry for the photo error, teh internets be damned).

1) Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker, and T
he Stath IN ONE MOVIE?
2) How have you Rourke lovers
(Dan, Mike) not said anything yet?
3) Plot on imdb: A team of mercenaries head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.
4) ARNOLD is back!!!!!!!!!!!

From Empire's website:
"It is now official. With a cast including Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker and The Stath, Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables was sure to be one of the best action films ever made. But now, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to join the testosterone party, which seals the deal - that this will be the biggest and best movie to hit our screens in 2010.

Lest we forget that the ubiquitous mustachioed one, Danny Trejo is also rumoured to have signed on, no doubt as one of the South American drug cartel the band of mercenaries are sent in to quash. But Sir Ben Kingsley has apparently dropped out as their CIA contact - due to a feeling of comparative physical weediness perhaps? - with The Dark Knight's Eric Roberts taking his place.

The shoot will only take Governor Arnie away from his duties for one day, and he will of course be playing himself, so the political world can rest assured that their action hero won't be wandering too far into the undergrowth.
And that means we are now missing just three more names from our action hero tick list of fame. So, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal - get hold of Sly's number and join the gang. The Expendables needs you!"

Sister Anne - Free Show in NYC - March 13, 2009

So many moons ago I went to see those lovable ne'er-do-wells The Dwarves in Brooklyn, New York City, whose songs like "I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend,"Fuck You Up and Get High," "Everybody's Girl," and "Gash Wagon" have entertained the seamier side of society for years. The surprising opener happened to be Sister Anne, a highly energetic female-fronted soul/punk/old-school R&B/rock outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Now maybe it was the prevalent Detroit sound soaking up the walls with steamy sassy rock 'n' roll goodness, or maybe it was their name paying homage to Detroit punk grandfathers The MC5, but the only word to describe this band (which has two bassists (hey, remember Ned's Atomic Dustbin?)) is "hi-octane." Seriously, vocalist Kitana evoked the spirit of Tina Turner but when she materialized she spit in my face, stomped my already broken foot with a stiletto heel, and then checked herself in the nearest mirror making sure her tri-hawk was untouched. Now maybe it's because I'll sign anything after one gin and tonic, but I somehow ended up on the band's mailing and list and lucky for me/bully for you, I was informed by electropost that the band is playing for free this Friday in Manhattan (a.k.a. where Ghostbusters was filmed). Moreover, there's an open bar from 9-10pm so don't be surprised if you end up on thirty mailing lists like yours truly.

A link to show...

A link to the band...