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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 5 Games To Watch Other People Play

In the interest of stirring things up, what games are the most fun to watch other people play?

Back in the day, nothing frustrated me more then watching other people play videogames. I thought such strong feelings would subside with age but alas, no. Now I'm frustrated watching other people play pool, eat, fill out forms, wait in line, type, and yet I actually can sit on a couch now and watch someone else play COD4 or Little Big Planet for about an hour (until I reign blows upon them, take the controller, and finish the game with 100% superhuman accuracy with which they have never seen).

And nowadays there's a whole line of programs totally dedicated to streaming videogames live. Livestream is one. Who knew? What a majestic time to be alive. Here's my top 5 list at the moment. Fight me on it. I dare you.

1. COD4 - Any multiplayer for that matter. Even Mariokart. But the more grenades and childish name-calling, the better.

2. Street Fighter 2 - Obvious. Should this be #1?

3. River Raid - Watching other people play this infuriates me, but in the way old people complain about kids with facial piercings. They don't like it but without them they'd have nothing to complain about.

4. Wii Sports

5. Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Wonder! Merriment! Flutes!

What say you, Internet? Have you a voice?


time said...

That's true, I like watching people play COD4. Great stuff, There is a thread over on, that talks about some good games to watch.

Mick said...

I don't think you could have a list without the original Resident Evil somewhere on there. I watched people play that game alot (Cus I sucked at it) and when you first play it and have no idea what is going to jump out at you, it's pretty sick.

Michael McGillicuddy said...

Mick, good call. RE was definitely a great late night choice. Now I'm trying to remember the most fearful I've ever been while playing s videogame. Probably Cookie Monster Munch for Atari. Once you grabbed that cookie, the music sped up and Cookie Monster lunged at you like some deranged serial killer with a taste for three year-old Michael blood... Ah, memories.

Chris Bacolo said...

I'd have to say SF4 #1. Totally agree with Mick on Resident Evil. When it first came out I watched my buddy play it with all the lights off in his apartment. It was like watching a horror flick. Man, I still remember those f'n doberman's jumping through the window.

Dan Brooks said...

Yeah I remember back in college really enjoying watching people play RE and especially Silent Hill. Of course, I didn't like when I'd be playing Silent Hill on my own in my dorm at 2am and my hoodlum suitemates would take a stick and bang on my window, scaring the shit out of my. (Thanks, Mick.)

Lou said...

The Alien games scares the shit out of me. Its all dark with horrid deep breathing.....nothing......BAM! A wee roof alien on your face!

Dan Brooks said...

Lou, you mean the Alien vs. Predator games? I've always wanted to try those, but alas, I am PC gaming-phobic. Unless you mean something else...?

Eddysaur said...

All of the Mario Parties. I agree with Mick, but with COD games i like to be the one to play. Should there be a worst games to watch other people play list? It would be funny.

Eddysaur said...

All the Mario Parties should be up there. Half the time your watching as well, but it was fun with my uncle and aunt to watch all of them cheering and all.