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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 26: Say Say Say "Transformers 2" Sucked


The grand Skype experiment continues! Only this time it's coherent! Join Dan, Mike, Chris and occasionally Frank as we discuss Transformers 2, X-Men Forever, Michael Jackson, and lots more. A MUST LISTEN. And remember: iTunes reviews, please!

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Mick said...

Hello gentlemen, the original superfan is back with time to listen! Just heard the show...thought it was a total mess...but definitely a beautiful mess at that. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.

Dan Brooks said...

Man, it's good to have you back! Glad you liked it -- hope you're okay with our MJ commentary. Even though we joke around about him, I think in the end we all acknowledge he made some awesome fucking music.

Michael McGillicuddy said...
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Michael McGillicuddy said...

No one can argue that Michael Jordan was responsible for some of mankind's most influential music. ShaqDiesel is also nothing to scoff at.

Mick said...

People can say all they want about him I don't really care. Was he a pedophile? Who knows? He is an easy target for extortion due to the fact that he was completely out of his mind and how he was always surrounded by kids. Even if he did do some bad stuff I don't think enough people are taking into account the fact that he had extreme mental illness due to the way he was brought up and how before he was even 10 years old he was one of the most famous people ever and could never live a normal life again....whoa I went long on that post.

Michael McGillicuddy said...

I think the highlight of the podcast is positing what MJ would have looked like as an old man.

Mick said...

I'd say pretty much like the Crypt Keeper with less of a nose.

Amanda said...

BABY JESSICA! great reference. baby amanda was obsessed with baby jessica.