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Monday, May 11, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 24: I Don't Have to Do Anything

And we're back! Dan, Mike and Frank talk All Hail Megatron, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (spoiler-free!), and Movies (Mostly Bad) We Want to Own on Blu-ray. Plus, we have details on a new contest. It's a must listen, if I say so myself. And I say so!

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caroline carr said...

dang, frank! you are cold. we might be in a podcast fight.

fyi: '08 is so not the new '09

Frank-o-Matic said...

I run a tight ship. If this was my podcast, partying on a weeknight before the taping would be a big no no (Birthday or not, but Happy Birthday.). But since Dan is a lot more lax, everyone is able to get away with murder.

caroline carr said...

this coming from the guy who "forgot" about the podcast before and needs dan to send daily reminders to come? sounds like your ship has sprung a leak...heh!

Dan Brooks said...

I like where this is going! Do I detect a little flame war-becomes-romance? I think I do!

Frank-o-Matic said...

Actually I knew about the podcast but forgot I had something else scheduled for the same time slot (I am very hard to book).

But it serves no purpose now as I just took the 5 hour subway ride out to Brooklyn to deliver my PAPERS OF RESIGNATION to Dan.