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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mike, Frank, and Family Fun (the band) on Morning Court TV Show

A rift when Mike McGillicuddy intelligently and thoughtfully invests the band's money with respected talent mogul/record producer Frank from Weehawken CEO/CFO/CMO of Dream Factory Records... Paul, being the short-fused pennypincher that he is, cannot put faith in Mike's huge caring heart or Mike's brilliant forward-thinking/initiative and decides to air out his grievances on a morning court TV show rather than solve them live civilized adults... Sparks fly as Paul reveals his true feelings about Mike McGillicuddy. Frank from Weehawken gives expert testimony - an expert on experts! See Doob make looming sexy!

Family Fun also has a new EP coming out on Dream Factory Records - check local listings for exclusive resellers!

1 comment:

Dan Brooks said...

Can I write liner notes to the EP?