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Friday, March 13, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 18: The Barry Ludtnik Interview

In this special Friday edition of Robot Sweatshop, Dan gives a one-on-one interview with forgotten comics legend Barry Ludtnik. Ludtnik tells the story behind the creation of some of his better known characters, his pitch for Superman, his time with other comic greats, including Will Eisner, Stan Lee, and more.

Be sure to tune back in Monday for yet another new episode. ROBOT SWEATSHOP IS BACK!

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caroline carr said...
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caroline carr said...

This is hilarious/awesome/genius. I was expecting a nice interview with a jolly old man who liked to draw, and instead I listened to an ex-gang man, wronged by every comic legend that has ever existed, talk to "Danny" about radioactive superheroes and his gang/"superhero" life (Hell's Kitchen Sous-chefs), including robbing a man with a brick.

My favorite quotes:

"I put Stan-ey-boy Lee in a coma"

"I grew up in a very turbulent time...So many communists running couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting some communist with a printing press."

"...and badda-bing, you could have yourself some going out money!"

"They wanted a little shrimpy guy...[not a giant radioactive crime-fighting spidah]."

"Why the focus on radioactivity? It seems like a lot of your pitches seem to focus on that."

"If you wanna talk about something that will scare your little short pants..."


"That's borderline racist...

Race? Wha what?

uh... nevermind..."

"Maybe Daddy's going to go out tonight and get himself a nice dinner" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It's nice boys like you, Danny, who keep my legacy alive."

A BRASS PAIR!?!?! This was the most amazing experience. Long live the real Denny Colt!

Leila said...

That whole interview just reeked of schmeckle.

That's right. I said it.

Dan Brooks said...

I think "Japan Man" might've been my favorite moment.