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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pre-Watching Watchmen Thoughts & Info

Tonight, a couple of us here at Robot Sweatshop will be going to check out this new flick everyone's been yammering about. What's it called? Oh yeah. "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience." And we're PSYCHED.

No, wait. That's not it. It's called Watchmen. And now, a couple of things:

1) Check back on Monday for a brand new WATCHMEN SPECIAL podcast, featuring our thoughts on the graphic novel and the movie. (And probably some other junk.)

2) As for the graphic novel, I will say this before going in: I think it's brilliant, but I'm not precious about it like some fans (which I can understand). I was excited for Watchmen to be made AT ALL, and I really don't care if certain things get left out, changed a bit, or whatever. If it's a good movie and is a faithful adaptation -- and that's the key word, adaptation -- then I'll probably be happy. I'm not looking to see the graphic novel magically transformed into moving pictures. Just a solid movie made from some brilliant source material.

3) If you're tall -- and by that I mean taller than me -- please don't sit in front of me in the theater.

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