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Monday, March 9, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 17: Watching the Watchmen

Dan, Chris and special guest Jen sit down for a discussion on Watchmen, the film and the comic, minutes after seeing the movie for the first time. Dan has read the comic twice; Chris finished reading it literally just before seeing the film; and Jen has never seen or read even a panel of it.

Three points of view. But are there three different verdicts on the film? Listen and find out.

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caroline carr said...

Nice one. I'm impressed that you guys had the energy to talk about this for an hour after watching the Watchmen (heh). Maybe it's just me, but you guys seemed to have a lot of issues with the film. I truly loved it. Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach was the best casting job I have ever seen. He made the movie for me. His mask? Perfect! I'm still cautious about the end - SPOILER - Nite Owl (II) seeing Rorschach die. While I understand that Zack Snyder was trying to show the 'bromance', meh, I never was really into Dan and I wanted Rorschach to have his last moment with Dr. Manhattan. Tiny complaint as (overall) I loved it and never wanted it to end.

P.S. Anyone else find the sexy scene a little awkward?

Dan Brooks said...

Believe me, we were exhausted while recording this one (our ususal beers were replaced with On The Run's finest coffee).

Yeah I think we definitely had issues with it and I kind of regret starting with the negatives, because there was plenty I liked. I still do think it was a little lifeless in that it was so true to the comic. But then again, I've been feeling like I want to see it again, so it definitely struck a cord.

And yeah -- Jackie Earle Harley perfect. (I think we all say as much in the podcast!) He was fantastic. Just looking at him in stills from the movie gets me psyched at how good he was.

And yeah, the sex scene was a little awkward. But it was still less awkward than the Superman child-stalking of Superman Returns!

caroline carr said...

A "C"?!?!?! Tell Jen we are in a fight.

You all mentioned the music in the film... all chapters ended with a quote - some literature, some lyrics. I couldn't remember how much overlap there was in this or if it was Snyder's influence. Here's the chapter listing of the quotes:

Ch 1: Dylan
Ch 2: Elvis Costello
Ch 3: Gen 18: 25
Ch 4: Einstein
Ch 5: William Blake
Ch 6: Nietzche
Ch 7: Job 30:29-30
Ch 8: Eleanor Farjean
Ch 9: C. G. Jung
Ch 10: Dylan
Ch 11: Percy Bysshe Shelley
Ch 12: John Cale

I found a cool blog (le choix de mlle eddie) that has a list of 10 songs from the film... not sure how long the links will be posted, but pretty cool: