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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sister Anne - Free Show in NYC - March 13, 2009

So many moons ago I went to see those lovable ne'er-do-wells The Dwarves in Brooklyn, New York City, whose songs like "I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend,"Fuck You Up and Get High," "Everybody's Girl," and "Gash Wagon" have entertained the seamier side of society for years. The surprising opener happened to be Sister Anne, a highly energetic female-fronted soul/punk/old-school R&B/rock outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Now maybe it was the prevalent Detroit sound soaking up the walls with steamy sassy rock 'n' roll goodness, or maybe it was their name paying homage to Detroit punk grandfathers The MC5, but the only word to describe this band (which has two bassists (hey, remember Ned's Atomic Dustbin?)) is "hi-octane." Seriously, vocalist Kitana evoked the spirit of Tina Turner but when she materialized she spit in my face, stomped my already broken foot with a stiletto heel, and then checked herself in the nearest mirror making sure her tri-hawk was untouched. Now maybe it's because I'll sign anything after one gin and tonic, but I somehow ended up on the band's mailing and list and lucky for me/bully for you, I was informed by electropost that the band is playing for free this Friday in Manhattan (a.k.a. where Ghostbusters was filmed). Moreover, there's an open bar from 9-10pm so don't be surprised if you end up on thirty mailing lists like yours truly.

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