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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dreams Do Come True: Frank Quitely on "Batman and Robin"

Batman and Robin, one of DC's new titles in the upcoming all-things-Batman relaunch, officially has an artist: the amazing Frank Quitely. And while it's not confirmed, it looks like his longtime collaborator and Robot Sweatshop favorite Gran Morrison will be writing. So says Newsarama:

In this week's Action Comics #875, early copies of which have already reached some reviewers, there are a couple of interesting revelations. First, the true identities of Nightwing and Flamebird are made clear, and there will be plenty of talk about that revelation to be sure, but on the last page of the issue, on the "DC Nation" page, the piece of art at right is shown. The art has since been identified as a page from issue #1 of a new title - Batman & Robin.

Clearly, the picture is by Frank Quitely and clearly, it shows Batman and Robin.

Dan DiDio's comments at the bottom of the image say, "We interrupt this week's DC Nation page to showcase some very special art for a very special new comic series....And for the title and the team, as we like to say in every DC Nation be continued."

Rumors have been floating for a while that Frank Quitely, along with Grant Morrison will be returning to Batman in the coming months, with Morrison himself telling Newsarama that he would be returning to the character "in June," and DiDio saying that another Morrison/Quitely pairing would be a very nice thing to see, indeed.

And now, DC has announced that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely will team on Batman & Robin, a new seres starting in June. As DiDio be continued.

Quitely and Morrison last worked together on All Star Superman, which everyone on this planet should own. Having them together again could be something very special.

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