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Monday, April 20, 2009

Robot Sweatshop - Episode 23: Biggest Show Ever

Hello, faithful listeners. As can be seen by the title of this episode, this is a huge one. The awesome Ali Aron and Caroline Carr make their Robot Sweatshop debuts. The topic is our best ever: Movie Flops We Love (or "Flops to Love," as we ended up calling it), featuring talk about Ghostbusters 2, Clifford, and tons more. Plus, some comic book discussion as usual. This is a great episode to jump onboard. Tell everyone you know, enemies included!

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Frank-o-Matic said...

ouch. my body isn't even cold yet.

Dan Brooks said...

Well, when we heard about your Scrabble performance, we decided it was best to move on.

amanda said...

im calling the cops on your dad's hotbox since you all forgot ROADHOUSE.

Dan Brooks said...

ROADHOUSE, how could I forget??? Good call.