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Thursday, June 12, 2008

1UP's "Metal Gear Solid 4" Review

Yep, the game destined to make me regret getting a 360 over a PS3 is here. 1UP has posted their review, giving it an A- overall:

The million or so geeks who've followed Snake's tale for the past decade (or two) will find absolute satisfaction in the resolution MGS4 brings. Every plot thread is tied up; every bizarre supernatural impossibility is explained; every character is allowed some form of closure. The stakes rise to epic heights, and not every ending is happy, but the bittersweet moments make the gestalt all the more fulfilling. It's an astounding feat, especially given how immense the cast has grown and just how far "out there" some of Metal Gear's pulpier plot points can be. The identities of the Patriots, the final fate of Big Boss, the reason Snake looks decrepit while his companions are still fresh-faced and vigorous, the means by which the villain exists as a talking hand grafted to an old man's arm -- it's all here. You'll even learn what "La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo" means, if you pay attention.

1 comment:

Chris Bacolo said...

But when Gears of War 2 comesout- you'll be glad you got that 360, trust me.