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Friday, June 6, 2008

Office Rage!

Here's GChat commentary by myself and Sir Britt Schramm:

Britt: Haha too funny

me: i know it's insane
I don't know why 3 guys didn't pounce on him after he threw the monitor

Britt: No kidding. he almost cracked that worman's head with it
and the broom to the copier was pure Office Space

me: haha yeah

Britt: Then the WWE takedown from the desktop was sweet.

me: yeah i think the spanish announcing table was destroyed

Britt: And you gotta love the lemmings, I mean workers, moving away from the guy but yet can't leave the office

me: haha yes

Britt: almost herd like
Haha, just saw the spanish table comment

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