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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Handy Reference Guide

A pet peeve of mine is people who complain about how Van Halen is now considered "classic rock." Big deal. Less of a pet peeve (but still there) is people who complain that the Clash is now considered "classic rock." Quit crying, you goddamn babies. Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown came out in '78! That's thirty years ago. Do you see us crying like a bunch of namby-pambys? No. It's reality. Lesson 1: Things age and die. Lesson 2: You are no exception.

So live fast and leave one hell of a beautiful corpse with all debts unpaid.

1 comment:

Daniel Brooks said...

Nice! Though I do hate it when people try and label the Beatles as "oldies." To me, everything pre-Beatles is oldies. Including Elvis!