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Saturday, June 14, 2008

"The Happening" Review/GChat Discussion

Robot Sweatshop superfan Amanda and yours truly had a quick discussion about what I'd been not-so-secretly hoping is Sir M. Night Shyamalan’s latest debacle, The Happening. (The Lady in the Water, M.'s last movie, is probably the worst thing ever.) Amanda, who'd just come back from seeing the flick, spoke with me about her thoughts on the film, the audience reaction, and more:

amanda: m night shamalamadingdong
dont see it!

me: man
did u see it?

amanda: yes i just got back
i want my 12 dollars back

me: it's funny you say that

amanda: acutally no. im not a shamalamading fan
so i wasnt expecting much
but i went with fans
and they were pissed
i thought it was hysterical

me: here, from my more well-known blog:
see i want it to be as bad as Lady in the Water, which was one of the worst things I've ever seen

amanda: hahahahaha
i never saw lady in the water
but the guys i was with said it was worse
it was so funny man
it was so bad

me: wow

amanda: usually im the only one that laughs in horror/thrillers
and i get yelled at by my friends

me: see you're only making me want to see it more!

amanda: but this time they couldnt yell at me
because the whole theater was laughing

me: wow
holy crap

amanda: yessir
i dont want to spoil anything
so my detes stop there

me: please don't!
let me just say that in Lady in the Water, M. Night casts himself as a misunderstood genius writer destined to write something that will change the world

amanda: hahahahaha
yes the guys i was with said they didnt see him in it
but im sure he was there in the crowd killing himself somewhere

me: ugh

amanda: all i have to say is mark wahlberg wears a mood ring
enough material right there

me: haha awesome

me: you have a good weekend my friend. and trust me, netflix m. night shaymalsn's lady in the water, or as i call it, MNSLITW

amanda: done and done

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