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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Watchmen Vs. Reigning Sound - Help One Man Decide

We can't argue the anticipation for The Watchmen film premiering March 6. I won't lie: Opening night of The Dark Knight (in Long Branch, NJ oddly enough), I was the guy in the theater that yelled "Show it again!" after they showed the Watchmen trailer before the film. Did it get huge laughs? You bet. Did my ladyfriend shrink in her seat as I had just slightly revealed the inner-nerd lurking within? Same answer. But who gives a damn! Not me - (I play life fast and loose). And this is The Watchmen we're talking about. And yes, I see the argument in many people's claims that not every graphic novel needs to be made into a film, however, reading The Watchmen as a younger Mike prompted one of the few times I ever said, "Man, this would make a great movie." And younger Mike knew his shit. So yes, I have March 6 circled with red ink on my hot-girl-leaning-on-hot-rod calendar (lie: calendars are for even bigger nerds).


The Reigning Sound is also playing March 6 at Southpaw in sunny Brooklyn, New York the very same day. And man oh savage man are they good. I'm sure the word "garage" gets thrown in their direction but with some 60's pop consciousness that makes me wonder "can I sneak my flask in to this show and invite my mom at the same time?" Vocalist Greg Cartwright's lyrics have a cracklin' fire to it letting listeners know he's doing his darnedest to get rugs cut. So yeah, these Memphis troubadours are worth a trip to the borough where gangs of rappin' pizzas own the streets. The album Time Bomb High School is damn good and the first album I heard from these guys. Does it disappoint? I don't know, did George Washington disappoint America when he crossed the Delaware River to New Jersey? Hell No!

So now you see my dilemma. Sure, The Watchmen will be playing for months and The Reigning Sound are sure to play my neighborhood again. But I'm one of those jerks who loves to see movies opening night. And I sure, I can attend The Watchmen with people who, like me, want this move to rock (note: we're not the type to dress up (much)), but I could attend the Reigning Sound show with like-minded fans and have a beer-soaked good time just the same. Decisions, decisions. What say you, internet? You've never steered me wrong before.


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