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Monday, February 16, 2009

Podcast Episode 16.5 - New York Comic Con & Other Junk

Surprise! And Happy Presidents Day!

We're (Dan & Chris) back with a quick mini-podcast, featuring our thoughts on the New York Comic Con, a.k.a. The Time of Year When a #$%load of Nerds Overcrowd the $&#@ing Javits Center, as well as discussions on some other geek-themed stuff. Enjoy, and leave us some comments if you really want to be our friends.

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caroline carr said...

I would like to note that chris asks, "anyone else you would like to rip?" and then dan states, "CAROLINE WAS THERE!"

friend test!

so... in the order in which they were mentioned, people who will probably never grant robot sweatshop interviews: eric powell (only if he remembers you), dude who thought you guys were gods from pennywise, ethan van sciver (green lantern), art baltazar and franco aureliani (tiny titans), peter laird (unless we give him big bucks), and steve epting (your own fault, doodles).

i had a blast - picked up the box set of trinity blood so i know what the rest of my winter will look like... also picked up black jack vol 3 by osamu tezuka, which looks pretty cool. the crowds eventually got the better of my search to find george perez, who was "there" (although i am doubting nycc's credibility on that one). also, nice pictures from the con!

Daniel Brooks said...

Whew! You JUST passed the Friendship Test. You get an F+.

And yeah, we can probably cross those dudes off the interview list. Either that or I put on groucho glasses when I email them to see if they're interested.

How's Black Jack? I've read some of Buddha and thought it was excellent if weird. Tezuka has done so much stuff. He's like the Robert Pollard of comics, except he's consistently good.