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Friday, February 20, 2009

Call George Romero. Maybe He Can Make Some Money With Bands Of The Dead?

The next few months are offering a staggering number of bands once thought dead. I guess the recession has hit everyone from the richest business tycoons to... um, The Meatmen. It's true. The Meatmen are just one of the bands reuniting to play shows for kids that could easily be their grandchildren (and there's a good chance they probably are). Throbbing Gristle is also playing their first ever New York performance and their first USA appearance since 1981. I mean, seriously, just do a hard google for frontman/icon Genesis P-Orridge and you'll have enough to think about for a separate blog entry (see, Mike! Robot Sweatshop practically writes itself). And Fear, ah, Fear. Such politically incorrect scoundrels. But check out their "historic" performance on SNL in 1981. John Belushi said he wouldn't do cameos to boost the show's dismal ratings unless Fear was the musical guest. What ensued was a melee, $250k of damages, and a seated audience of mild-mannered B&T folk wondering if they should have told their mom/dad they loved them before leaving the house. You can even see Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat/Embrace/Fugazi) and John Belushi stagediving. And while it's pretty obvious none of the guys in Fear would help you move apartments, it's pretty fun to see what they got away with (before the producers cut to commercial)...

Oh, and here's those shows I was talking about...

3/27 - Converge - @ Europa, Brooklyn, NY
3/29 - Cro-Mags (jam) feat. John Joseph and Maximum Penalty - @ Europa, Brooklyn, NY
4/16 - Throbbing Gristle @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple
4/17 - The Dead Milkmen @ Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY
4/19 - The Meatmen @ Europa
5/6 - 5/7 - FEAR @ Europa


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