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Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Will Be Horrible #1: Jimmy Fallon Hosting "Late Night"

In yet another new feature, This Will Be Horrible, we here at Robot Sweatshop will predict what upcoming movie, album, TV show, or whatever is bound to disappoint and infuriate. To kick things off, we name Jimmy Fallon Hosting "Late Night" as the first inductee into This Will Be Horrible.

Fallon endeared himself to audiences pretty early on in his SNL run. He seemed like some kind of great mix of Adam Sandler and Mike Myers, playing guitar, doing impressions, etc. He quickly wore out his welcome, however, as he reached new levels of annoyingness: laughing incessantly during every sketch in which he appeared, creating obnoxious characters, and finally, leaving SNL to make terrible, terrible movies. And now he's going to replace Conan as host of "Late Night?"

Wait, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he actually created awesome characters. Remember the college dude who taped himself on a webcam? Or the Boston guy who always yelled "Nomaaaaah!" And maybe his movies were actually really good! Y'know, Taxi, Factory Girl, Anything Else. Gems like those. No, wait. I was right the first time. Those were all terrible.

Thus, while there's a chance Fallon may be decent as host of "Late Night," it's probable that he'll continue his streak of awfulness. So join us in proudly predicting that This Will Be Horrible!

(I found this pic by doing a Google image search for "Jimmy Fallon," FYI.)


Leila said...

My idea is that if we get our Nielsen friends to start watching Craig Ferguson religiously, we can destroy the Fallon machine.

Dan Brooks said...

Man, I watched some of last night's show. Even with my hatred of Fallon, I realize it's early and the show can grow. But the monologue was awful, and he's still LAUGHING AT ALL HIS OWN JOKES. Does he think we like that crap?

Mick said...

Considering that Craig Ferguson got better ratings than Conan (don't ask me how!) I don't see Craig Ferguson being worried. After watching him so far I think he has done ok for someone who is under enormous pressure, probably never interviewed anyone, and has terrible writing (like he did on SNL).
Danny, if your only way to bash the guy is to comment that he laughs alot, it won't work anymore since EVERY talk show host does it.

Dan Brooks said...


The laughing is typical Fallon, and everyone knows this. It's the mid-sketch laughter that only he did and does, whether what he's doing is funny or not. And it's really irritating. How often did Conan laugh in the middle of "In the Year 2000?" or any of his sketches?

How can you blame the guy's shitty career completely on bad writing? Why did Will Ferrell become so popular while Fallon didn't? They were on at the same time. It's because Ferrell is about a thousand times more talented, and made even his lesser movies better, which is something Fallon couldn't do. Trust me, he's going to crash and burn here, or limp on for a year or two. But his Late Night run will not last.

I hope not, anyway.