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Monday, April 28, 2008

Transformers Toy News: New "Transformers: Animated" Figures!

New Ultra-class Ultra Magnus, fresh from Botcon 2008. Damn, how sweet is this? Absolute perfect sculpt from the cartoon. Zero kibble!! This gem is going to be really hard to pass up.

Next up is Sentinel Prime - he may be a total douche on the cartoon, but he still gets an ass-kicking sculpt.
Transformers:Animated airs on Cartoon Network, Saturday mornings.


Daniel Brooks said...

I will say all the figures from this show look awesome. Have you found any of the early waves yet? Aren't they supposed to be out?

Chris Bacolo said...

Wave 1 has not hit the shelves yet. Unless you live in- I believe Cincinatti Ohio. They've been released there as a test market.

But yeah, they all look pretty awesome. This line puts the movie figures to shame.