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Monday, March 31, 2008

Podcast Episode 13 - Randomness

The RS gang returns with special guest, North Carolina's Brian Giarratana, and discuss a little bit of Taxi Driver, some Nintendo Wii, and a dash of everything else. Especially Call of Duty 4.

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Janet said...

Dear Robot Sweatshop,

I assume I'm your first female listener who isn't your mother or imaginary girlfriend. Hi!

Just kidding of course! Good job. Funny stuff. Your brand of geekiness has been very enlightening.

I guess I can see your argument re the Wii, but I still think it's awesome. It's the people's machine. Sorry it's not good enough for serious gamers. Pikachu is my favorite character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I like playing the version of him that wears goggles.

Family Guy is funny. The Star Wars episode of Family Guy is funny. For example, when Chris/Luke Skywalker is at the bar in Mos Eisley and the alien dude that has like a scrotum for a chin says something unintelligible and the other dude says, "He doesn't like you....I don't like you!" Chris/Luke says, "You don't know me!" Just watch it. It's funny.

This episode is never ending. I mean that in a positive way.

Finally, as I expressed to Dan, I was sorry to see that he turned Jen's brother into a prematurely middle-aged white man. But he is young, so hope remains.

Kudos! Bravo and brava! Or just bravo. Or just brava?

Daniel Brooks said...

Dear Janet,

Thanks for (finally) listening. Much appreciated.

I still have love for the Wii. I really, really love Super Mario Galaxy -- best game I've played this gen -- and still play Wii Sports. AND, I just ordered House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, which is getting a lot of good feedback on message boards, and is only $29.99.

BUT! The truth is, the system is home to tons of crap, the Wiimote has been under-utilized by 3rd parties, and the 360 and PS3 have much better libraries, online setups, and more.

Family Guy still sucks.