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Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 6 - Snikt!

Bay Ridge's own Chris Bacolo -- the best there is at what he does (collecting Godzilla and Transformers memorabilia) -- makes his triumphant return to the show. Come on a journey of sensual delights as we discuss the best Wolverine comics of all time, Guitar Hero III, more Recommended Recommendations, and other junk.

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Anonymous said...

awesome episode - you talked about 3 of my favorite things: me, bone, and the golden girls!

those should not be read together.

also: Bea Arthur was the one not in Golden Palace.

and one more thing: I agree with you that Family Guy's Star Wars episode was funny, and Robot Chicken's was even better, if you haven't seen it.

and really one more thing - thanks for all the Wolverine suggestions! You should have a link box next to your podcast that covers all your topics. I mean, except the SARS.


Daniel Brooks said...

no prob on the Wolverine suggestions. I knew my hours of reading all that crap would pay off someday.

And yes, Bone rocks!

Matt said...

Hey Sweatshoppers,

Thanks a lot for the

Matt said...

Hey Sweatshoppers,

Thanks a lot for the shoutout on the episode. I gotta clear something up, you made it sound like I was dying. You said "I hope he gets better" as if maybe I wouldn't. It was only chicken pox, not cancer.

Thanks again for Bone, I still haven't gotten throught the whole thing, it's a very LARGE bone.

By the way, great episode. Family Guy rules, and South Park gets better and better with every episode. I had a good time with the imagination episode checking out all the random characters they put in there. Did you notice Optimus Prime?