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Monday, November 5, 2007

Episode 5 - Halloween After-Party

We follow up the longest episode of Robot Sweatshop with the shortest episode of Robot Sweatshop. Join Dan, Mike, and Chris (Or is it? It isn't.) for tales of "How I Spent My Halloween," some "Days of Future Past" talk, and a little bit more.

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Mick (Robot Sweatshop Superfan) said...

I'm definitely the only one who comments on this....this weeks was sub par. Dan you really need to start listening to my show ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I wanted to thank you for the Bone you gave me when I was home sick. It was really a great Bone, and damn if that wasn't the biggest Bone that I've ever seen! Don't worry, I'l give you that Bone right back real soon.

Daniel Brooks said...

Hey Anonymous (Matt),

Just wait for Episode 6! And watch the borderline toilet mouth! Instant ban for anyone using toilet mouth. (Just kidding).

Chris Bacolo said...

That's what I do when my friends are feeling ill. I give them a good Bone. I thought you would like it.

Danny, if that cough dosen't clear up soon your next.