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Monday, October 22, 2007

Episode 3 - A Very Special Episode

Robot Sweatshop returns after one week off with a "very special" episode. Why is it very special, you ask? One word: Transformers. Lots and lots o' Transformers discussion. Buckle the fuck up. Plus "The Fly II" and more Recommended Recommendations.

Update 2: OK, I tried to fix it, and now the show is missing from the player altogether. I give up. So, if you wanna listen to the Episode 3, you'll have to either click the "Download This Episode" link below or listen at iTunes.

Update: The player to right is "chipmunking" the show (I know what the problem is and will fix it at some point). Click the download link below to listen at normal speed.

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Mick said...

Didnt know about the Transformer nightclub, that was probably your funniest discussion ever....that and Dan's prank call...put more of that on.

Lil ruude

Lil ruuude

Lil rude

Daniel Brooks said...

Yeah Joey?

I'm hoping to include 1 prank per episode, it'll be tough though.

Mick, did you catch your shoutout?

Anonymous said...


my mildly retarded macintosh chose to think different(ly) and play yourentire episode three at Alvin and the Chipmunks/ludicrous speed. . .my screen almost went to plaid. was it supposta do that? 'preesh the shoutout.


Chris Bacolo said...

Let me just answer the hundreds of e-mails we been getting- yes I know I left out an autobot combiner. Defensor formed by the Protectorbots, butto my defense he only appeared in like the two final episodes of season 2.

Daniel Brooks said...

Thanks for finally putting out that fire, Chris.

Chris Bacolo said...

I know- jeez. Back the fuck off you trannies.