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Monday, October 8, 2007

Episode 2 - The Saga Continues

Chris eats some Halo 3-flavored crow, Dan talks about Banner Ads/Links, Mike tells of the mystical Jewish superhero, "Shalom Man", plus some ruminations on the new X-Force, Harry Potter, a fresh batch of Recommended Recommendations, and more. Now get listening!

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Dan's College Buddy said...

Loved everything about the show....except Dan. Great job everyone but Dan.

I kid! I kiiiid!

Good stuff boys, not great like the Pats and Sox...but good.

Daniel Brooks said...

Are we at least better than the Jets?

Dan's College buddy said...

testing of the emergency alert systems are better than the to answer your question yes

Matt said...

Nice. Especially with the theme song, it sounds like a real podcast. Is that the permanent song? A few comments:

1. I doubt that monthly comics will go away anytime soon. I don't read comics as much as I used to, but I remember monthlies being full of advertising and trades being totally void of it. I guarantee comic companies make most of their money on ads, and trades are just another way to squeeze some more money out of art that they're already paid for.

2. X-Force? I'm curious to see the new version, but all I can think of is Rob Liefeld's original shitty art where the characters had super long legs, squinty eyes, little noses, and really wrinkly costumes. It always killed me when his retarded art was praised.

3. Harry Potter rocks!

4. I'd still be glad to do you the favor of taking those comics off your hands. My fiance won't let me spend money on comics. My adress is:
115 Morris St. #1124
Jersey City, NJ 07302.

5. Chris, I'll be over your place soon the check out Halo 3, my fiance won't let me spend money on video games.

Daniel Brooks said...


A. Thanks -- theme song is written and recorded by me and is permanent.

1. Monthly comics aren't going away, and you're right, advertising is a huge point of revenue we skipped over. I'd hate to see ads popping up in trades.

2. This X-Force doesn't seem to have much to do with Liefeld.

3. Yes.

4. We'll see!

5. Me too, or when I get my 360.

NothingJK said...

Awesome Dan they let you get out of the Hallway and into the room this time

what kind of a douchebag would make u guys a banner ad?

I hate Hardcover trades, I feel like they are the Hologram covers of today.

Daniel Brooks said...


1. Still don't know what you're talking about with the Hallway...

2. You.

3. You're wrong.

Anonymous said...
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