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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrate Zombie Awareness Month!

I did not intentionally try to find a zombie that looked exactly like Dan. It was the first one that came up in my Google search.

Here are some ways you can celebrate:

1. Watch Zombieland (I was actually disappointed. Thought it was good but not as great as everyone made it out to be)

2. Do an IMDB Search for George A. Romero...he kinda likes zombies

3. Watch this 100 times.

Send us your suggestions on how to celebrate Zombie Awareness Month!

P.S. I am serious, May is really Zombie Awareness Month.


Just said...

Shaun of the Dead with some suitabley Zombie themed food... I don't know what Zombies eat. Spaghetti? The texture is funny...

Dan Brooks said...

I like that, Just. Though I think eating a KFC Bowl might be/make one more zombie-like: