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Monday, December 29, 2008

Farm Talk: Web Comic of the Year

Okay, it might not be web comic of the year -- not that I'm qualified to even say what might be -- but it's damn good! Our very own Chris Bacolo made one post about his new web comic, Farm Talk, but I just wanted to jump in and encourage everyone to check it out (Chris is either too lazy or too humble to self-promote it, but I'm not).

Farm Talk is a (somewhat) all-ages comic starring farm animals talking, flying kites, drinking, killing, and lots more -- and it's actually very funny. Chris publishes new strips every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so be sure check his page on DrunkDuck then for new comics. Here's my favorite so far:

1 comment:

Chris Bacolo said...

Thanks Dan! Just posted todays strip- inspired by Left 4 Dead- which is awesome by the way. Anyone who checks out Farm Talk feel free to leave a comment- but only if you like it.