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Monday, January 28, 2008

Episode 11 - So I Married a Geek

Want to know what it's like to marry a comic book nerd? Find out in this week's show.

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MICKEY!!!! said...

Ladies you are very brave and awesome at the same time. My gf doesnt even like to hear me play Guitar Hero from the next room.

Very funny show too i might add. The wolverine fork claws had me trying not to laugh out loud at work.

Daniel Brooks said...

Dude, nicely said. They have the bravery of Wonder Woman and the smarts of Batgirl.

Matt said...

I've gotten Allie into hockey, I've gotten her to appreciate good beer, YOU guys got her into Guitar Hero (thank you). Now I need to work on getting her into comics and watching anime and good movies. Slowly but surely. Carly, nex time Allie comes over, get her to play some Mario Galaxy or something and convince her that we need a Wii.

Good show, y'all, and Allie and I appreciate the shout out.

Daniel Brooks said...

Matt, buy Allie "Persepolis," "Blankets" or "Ghost World" and see if those help. They're all amazing and pretty girl-friendly.

Anonymous said...

very funny...whens the next one?

Daniel Brooks said...

Anonymous: I will tell you when you reveal yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'ld rather not - its fun being anonymous

Daniel Brooks said...

Have it your way! New episode goes up at midnight tonight -- featuring our first actual guest. (I crack easily under pressure.)